Friday, January 21, 2011

The Return of the Dukes of Hamburg! April 23rd @ Mr. T's Bowl

Yes, that's right kiddies! REAL BOSS HOSS is back for one special night of rock n roll!! Like I mentioned before... I've been so bored with the music "scene" in LA that I had to bring it upon myself again to do something about it. I asked my good pals to see if some of them wanted to play LA and sure enough they responded... THE DUKES OF HAYWARD (formerly Hamburg - they moved to Hayward, CA) are doing a special LA show for yours truly to celebrate my 38th year of life. Along with THE DUKES OF HAYWARD will be more awesomeness from the Bay Area (not sure who) and the best of the best from LA. More details will be forthcoming soon...

Stay tuned for more rock n roll.

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