Friday, January 21, 2011

The Return of the Dukes of Hamburg! April 23rd @ Mr. T's Bowl

Yes, that's right kiddies! REAL BOSS HOSS is back for one special night of rock n roll!! Like I mentioned before... I've been so bored with the music "scene" in LA that I had to bring it upon myself again to do something about it. I asked my good pals to see if some of them wanted to play LA and sure enough they responded... THE DUKES OF HAYWARD (formerly Hamburg - they moved to Hayward, CA) are doing a special LA show for yours truly to celebrate my 38th year of life. Along with THE DUKES OF HAYWARD will be more awesomeness from the Bay Area (not sure who) and the best of the best from LA. More details will be forthcoming soon...

Stay tuned for more rock n roll.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Downliners Sect NEWS!!

After 47 years - the release of "Bright Lights Big City" - intended to be the Downliners Sect second EP - will officially see the light of day! Let's thank our lucky stars!! The tracks are taken directly from the master reel-to-reel tapes found in a box that some guy found on eBay... The EP will be released on HAND OF GLORY. You can only get them through the website as they won't be sold in stores, so make sure to order your copies!! The tracks will be: Bright Lights Big City/Rock n Roll Music/Do The Dog/I Need You Baby

If that wasn't enough good Sect news, then strap in for this one! The Sect will be visiting the colonies this year. They are scheduled to play the PONDEROSA STOMP in September in New Orleans! So start saving up your coins and let's all go visit and bow down to THE SECT!!


Oh yeah friends... I do an Internet radio show with my pals Michael Kaiser, Greg Lonesome, South Bay PORKer Matt, and Jason Snyderbilly on Real Punk on Fridays from 5pm-8pm (Pacific Time). We basically talk shit, play records, and occasionally do interviews... some past guests: Russell Quan, Mike Lucas, PJ of Dirty Water Records, Tommy Tombstone... good shit!

Tune into Mojo Workout!

I'm bored...

LA is becoming stagnant again... I'm bored. What happened to rock n roll in LA? "Girl With the Big Hair" seems to be the only one doing rock n roll shows. There's plenty of "DJ nights" in LA... sure they can be fun, but what the fuck? I can drink beer at home and spin records. Plus from the few I've been to, the "clientele" is pretty lame.

I think I'm so bored that I think I'm going to put together a show or two this year. Stay tuned for more rock y roll.