Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We're coming to get you...

Hello friends,

I really need to post more stuff on here. I can't believe my last blog entry was about 10 months ago!

Just to update you on some stuff... I am happy to announce that I am bringing the printed version of REAL BOSS HOSS back! Yes, friends, you read that correctly! After 10 years I've decided to bring back the print version so you can laugh, cry, scream, and hate me all over again... I have lost contact with most of the contributors from that first issue, but do not fret, friends. We have some DYNAMITE new writers and contributors to add to the fun!!

We are also sort of doing live shows again... not as regular as in the past, but we found a new home over at VIVA CANTINA in Burbank, CA. We recently did a few showcases there with tremendous success!! We hosted a few record release parties: The South Bay Surfers back in July, Thee Cormans and Thee Tee Pees back in October and an out of control 50th birthday party for none other than our soul brother-in-arms Colonel Rob Schaffner from legendary MONDO VIDEO AU GO GO which packed the house to the ceiling rafters with amazing sets by THEE CORMANS, THE BLOODY BRAINS, THE SOUTH BAY SURFERS, and the legendary KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH. Our last shindig which happened last weekend was packed before the first band hit the stage... by 9:30 the place was shoulder-to-shoulder! We hosted another party to welcome the great Michael Kaiser back to California (unfortunately he's not here to stay - he's only visiting)... Our best pal Russell Quan's new band THE CHUCKLEBERRIES, which includes guitarist extraordinaire JAY ROSEN (Muskrats, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Dukes of Hamburg), suave bassist/backing vocalist Dave Kurtz, and singer/dancer/all around awesome dude Dave Seabury RIPPED it up!! With thee mighty Herman Senac on drums, THE BLOODY BRAINS left jaws on the floor with their fury! THEE CORMANS again blew the roof off the joint! I love those guys!! Our Deutsch pals and REAL BOSS HOSS facves, THE TEUTONICS again left the crowd wanting more... and our new pals THE BLACK BOOTS were an awesome new addition to our family.

I promise to pay more attention and do more updates as stuff happens...

Stay tuned for more rock n roll!!